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3 gentle ways to achieve more in less time

Feeling overwhelmed is quite common. In our hectic world, we are often supposed to multitask and manage many different issues at the same time. But let’s keep in mind that inner balance is our natural state.

Today, I would like to focus on 3 habits that could help you reach both your personal and professional goals with less effort.

1- Create your own routine

You can start by inventing a safe place to enjoy your new habits. Do not rush into it. Rather let things come to birth. In this process, you can try to synchronise your heart, your brain and your breath.

It is all about action and discipline. First, you can set up a realistic schedule. Without being set in your ways. Listen carefully to yourself. When you know, you know.

By the way, you often know that you deserve better. Nobody said it was easy. It can be hard to be a momboss, a new entrepreneur, a happy employee or a confident father. You can learn to accept selfish time. The idea is to make a loving commitment to yourself. What about scheduling some “me time” in your agenda? Even 10-minute slots for meditation or yoga practice.

Small habits make things real. You will soon realise that you’d better take care of yourself if you want to be able to take care of others. Maybe it is time to learn and set your own boundaries. What I mean is: you can invest in yourself by saying no to things that require too much negative energy. Once things have settled down, take time to enjoy the gentle practice.

2 - Do it your way

It is important to speak your truth. Dare to be imperfect. And also choose to let go of old thought patterns. It is a softening process. You should look for less effort and more ease. Working for yourself, and not against yourself. You can achieve this by regular practice. It is up to you to find what feels good. Pay attention to the things that lift you up. And you are allowed to get rid of some of the things that bring you down.

You are welcome to give yourself the permission to adapt your routine and energy to the nature of your personal life project. All this is not only about traditional career goals like a pay rise or a larger team to manage. You have the power to create your own frame of reference.

3- Be self-supportive

Yes, you can afford to slow down or explore new things. You are doing great in your little corner of the world. Hopefully, you will remember to find some quality time to celebrate significant milestones and successes. You are allowed to make room to grow and stay focused on your priorities.

Whatever happens, be proud of your personal and professional choices. Accept them. One day at a time. And may you continue to enjoy the ride. When you get a bit clueless, just breathe and listen to your inner voice. It is your best teacher.

Enjoy your new habits! Do not forget to stay true to your loving commitment. And make the most of what you can get out of your daily routine! Because in the end, if you don’t, who will?

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